Private IEC 60601 Training

We offer customized in-house training services to match your firm's needs. Topics include:

Our fee is based on the number of days, and level of customization, and not on the number of participants. Private training will typically start to make sense at 8 to 12 participants, when compared to our public events. But a higher participant cost can be justified if there is an important non-disclosure of proprietary information type concern, and/or because you wanted the material customized to your specific product type. 

We typically see requests for safety training with a 2 to 3.5 day duration. With Risk Management it's typically 1 day; with EMC, it's typically 1 to 1.5 days. The number of days isn't necessarily changing the breadth of topics, but does change the depth we can get into topics. Also it's good to have work-group exercises, or at least examples the class can work through, which takes time. In any case, there's a bit of customization that we can do, no matter the number of days.

For pricing and scheduling, please Contact Us with the topic(s) and the desired duration in days.