We provide professional training services for Medical Electrical Equipment manufacturers to the IEC 60601/ISO 80601 series of safety standards. Requirements include:

  • Safety design & testing,

  • EMC design & testing,

  • Risk management,

  • Usability engineering, and

  • Software development.

We have trained over 1,500 design professionals at our public workshops.

Our instructors, Frank O'Brien, and our partner Darryl Ray, of Pacific EMC, each have over 35 years of practical experience applying requirements, and participate on committees drafting the IEC 60601 requirements.

O'Brien Compliance Management (OBCM) was founded in 2004 to provide medical device manufacturers with international regulatory and safety consulting, testing, and training services. Starting in 2017 we added our EMC course to our training services. Starting in 2018, we provide only professional training services.