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Better integrate IEC 60601 safety into your design process

posted Mar 21, 2014, 10:29 AM by Frank O'Brien
OBCM has 2 IEC 60601 training sessions starting soon.  One will be in Boston, 15-17 Apr 2014.  The other in San Jose, 29 Apr-1 May.  

In the fall we're offering 2 more sessions.  Amsterdam will be 16-18 Sep, and Boston will be 21-23 Oct.

All sessions will be taught by Frank O'Brien, who has been testing medical devices for safety for 34 years, of which, 24 years were with UL.  He helped draft the ed 3.1, and its home care collateral.  He's been teaching IEC 60601 training courses for 18 years.  

This course is an intense 3 day training course.  There's presentation slides, frequent references to source standards, and skill implementation work group exercises.  Participants are encouraged to ask questions about the safety requirements, and how they apply to products currently under development.  Our course continues to evolve to stay up to date with latest standards, interpretations, regulatory guidance, and feedback from over 1000 past participants.
We hope to welcome you soon.  For more information see here.