Start a Project

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To start a project, please provide the following items:

  • A description of the services you'd like.
  • If new customer, a signed Service Agreement, and
  • If not using default Confidentiality clause, any separate Non-Disclosure Agreement you prefer

All material should be sent to Contact Us or use our Request a Quote page.



In a Hurry?

Skip the quoting step. Provide a valid PO for 4,500 USD, 25 h to answer your regulatory compliance questions. We only bill for time actually accrued. First time clients, will also need to sign our Service Agreement. It's unlikely we'll require an initial deposit. We'll start immediately.

Request Services 

Description of Services

Let us know your compliance needs.  Our Request for Quote form includes a list of typical services we deliver,  Examples include:
  • A design review meeting, followed by notes of major points discussed
  • Test product to the applicable IEC 60601/ISO 80601 series of standards, prepare IECEE CB formatted test reports
  • Prepare insulation diagram for product
  • Define Essential Performance
  • Specify EMC test methods and compliance criteria
For safety testing projects, an accurate quote requires the following additional information:
  • Model no, 
  • Ratings, 
  • Intended use, 
  • Ideally a brochure or web link, and
  • When issuing test reports, we need to know legal entities, if different, for each: company name, address, contact person, contact email:
    • Applicant (owner of test report, pays bills),
    • Manufacturer (name on product), and
    • Factory Location (place of manufacture).

Service Agreement

We ask all new customers to sign a Service Agreement. Important is to outline the payment terms and limited liability protection before any work can begin. Our agreement extends to our customers fairly standard protections for confidentiality, work product, and tax indemnity. The agreement also allows for a separate non-disclosure agreement, in lieu of the default confidentiality clause.

This link allows you to review and e-sign our Service Agreement and forward on to Frank O'Brien for final e-signature. All parties automatically get emailed a copy.

We're also happy to sign any Consulting or Contractor Agreement you may have. We would ask that your agreement include payment terms and limited liability protection similar to our agreement. We would ask that your agreement include Reusable Materials protections for our firm, similar to those included in the Work Product clause of our agreement.

Receive Proposal

The description of the services you'd like will form the basis for a Project Proposal (Statement of Work) with 1 of 3 templates:
  • Defined scope, deliverable, timeline, fee;
  • As-needed retainer; or 
  • On-going contract work.

Defined Scope, Deliverable, Timeline, and Fee

In most cases we can define the scope of services, deliverable, time expected to complete, and fee.  A proposal for a simple testing project might look like:

 Date  Service  Task Description  Amount, USD
 <date>  Days, 3ed  Perform verification testing and prepare IECEE CB formatted test report to IEC 60601-1:2005 + C1:2006 + C2:2007 + A1:2012, ed 3.1, including national/regional differences in: AAMI ES 60601-1:2005/(R)2012 (US), CAN/CSA-C22.2 No. 60601-1:14 (CA), and EN 60601-1:2006 + A1:2013 (EU). Excluded are: Clause 7 labeling other than English, Clause 11.6,7 sterility, Clause 11.7 biocompatibility, and unless included as separate line item Clause 17 EMC.  See Addendum for information and samples required.  9 @ 1440. 12,960

As-Needed Retainer Services

We provide expert advice on an "as needed" basis without a set deliverable.

 Date  Service  Task Description  Amount, USD
 <date>  Retainer/h Provide "as needed" expert regulatory safety and EMC compliance services at a rate of 180/h for a min of 6 h, 1080 USD; max of 25 h, 4,500 USD; over 3 months. Accrued time is billed monthly if at least 6 h, 1080 USD has accrued. After 3 months, any remaining time will be considered no longer authorized unless requested otherwise. If after 3 months, total accrued time has not exceeded min of 6 h, 1080 USD; min fee is billed. Not included is any test equipment usage fees, or travel associated with off-site services beyond 1 h drive.  25 @ 180.  4,500

We find questions typically take 1 to 5 hours to answer.

On-Going Contract Work

Sometimes the task/deliverable can be defined, a rough budget can be estimated, but there are too many unknowns to allow a firm estimate to complete.  It's usually as the work progresses, that there's more clarity about estimating hours to complete the task. Examples include resolve deficiencies with: 
  • Product test reports; 
  • Risk, usability or software records; 
  • FDA submittal; and/or 
  • EU technical file

A typical contract work quote might be as follows:

 Date  Service  Task Description  Amount, USD
 <date>  Contract Work/d Provide ongoing expert regulatory safety and EMC compliance services at a rate of 1200 USD/day (150 USD/h) for a min of 10 days/month, for a maximum fee of 36,000 USD (approx 3 months). Not included is any test equipment usage fees, or travel associated with off-site services beyond 1 h drive.  30 @ 1200.  36,000

After the max fee has accrued, we'd reach mutual agreement on any new proposal.

Project Fees

Billing Rate

Our billing rate is 180 USD/h, 1,440 USD/day. We have a project minimum of 6 h, 1080 USD.

We offer a lower rate for contract work lasting 10 days or more per month, for 3 consecutive months or more. This is billed at 1,200 USD/day, (150 USD/hour).

Travel and Living

Unless you're local to the Boston area, and wish to visit our office, typically we see the need to do on-site work, especially initially, so familiarity with staff, product, and computer records can be gained. Later more work can be done off-site, at our office. Afterwards, most meetings can be done with tele/video conferencing.

Travel and living costs incurred for on-site meetings are included in our quote. We estimate max travel costs. We bill for actual with receipts and mileage.

For travel over 1 hour from our office, our quote includes a charge for 1/2 * ( travel time less 2 h ).  For flights, travel time = flight time + 2 hours, each way.

Test Equipment Usage Fees

For most of our test equipment, our billing rate includes the overhead associated with purchasing and maintaining our test equipment. The exceptions are for the following larger test equipment, for which our quote includes the following fees, as applicable:
  • Environmental Chambers (oven, humidity, refrigeration), 200 USD/day
  • RF power supply (for testing RF accessories), 50 USD/day

Initial Deposit

Most of our customers enjoy a 0% initial deposit requirement, meaning the project can start before any payment has been received. We may impose a 50% or 100% initial deposit requirement, which must be received before a project can start. Our quote will specify any initial deposit requirement.

Accept Proposal

To proceed with our quote, you provide
  • A valid Purchase Order (PO), 
  • For first time customers, a signed Service Agreement, 
  • Any requested information and samples, and 
  • Any initial deposit specified in project proposal (0% for most).

Begin Work

When you accept our proposal, we confirm:
  • The project engineer,
  • A start date, and
  • For defined scope projects, a completion date

We'll keep you informed as work progresses.


Accrued charges are invoiced monthly. Payment terms are:
  • 2 Net 10 days (2% discount if paid in 10 days), or 
  • Net 30 days (payable in 30 days).
We don't final bill until we've sent the deliverable defined in Project Proposal.