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Device type and location data is from Jan 2009 - Oct 2012, and considered representative of current breakdowns.  We try to update customer by name data at least annually.


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About 20% of our customers are outside the US.

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Of the 80% within the US, about half are outside of MA, and the other half are within MA.

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By Name

Our customers include startups as well as the leading manufacturers:
  • Actium Biosystems
  • Advanced Cardiac Therapeutics, Laguna Beach, CA
  • Alandra Medical, Mexico City, Mexico
  • Amway, MI
  • Anesthesia Safety Products, Woburn, MA
  • ARCimed, Wellesley, MA
  • Avenir Medical, Ontario, Canada
  • BD Diabetes Care, Billerica, MA
  • Belmont Instruments, Billerica, MA
  • Brain Scope, Bethesda, MD
  • BioScale, Cambridge, MA
  • Biosignal Group, Brooklyn, NY
  • Blackstone, Springfield, MA
  • Boston Scientific, Natick, Marlborough, MA
  • Boston Scientific, Valencia, CA
  • Breakaway Imaging, Littleton, MA
  • Cambridge Endoscopic Devices, Framingham, MA
  • Capsule Tech, Andover, MA
  • Chicago PT, Chicago, IL
  • Codman/Johnson & Johnson, Raynham, MA
  • Corindus, Waltham, MA
  • Covidien/Valley Lab, Boulder, CO
  • Cytyc/Hologic, Marlborough, MA
  • Defibtech, Guilford, CT
  • Draeger Medical, Andover, MA
  • Depuy Mitek, Johnson & Johnson, Raynham, MA
  • ECO Cath-Lab Systems, Woods Cross, UT
  • Enercon Technologies, Gray, ME
  • Enginivity, Lexington, MA
  • EP Limited, Cambridge, MA
  • Excelsius, Andover, MA
  • Fractyl Labs, Waltham, MA
  • GE Medical Systems IT, Milwaukee, WI
  • Globus Medical, Andover, MA
  • HDT Robotics, Fredericksburg, VA
  • Heartware, Miami Lakes, FL
  • Hologic, Marlborough, MA
  • Image Stream Medical, Littleton, MA
  • Impluse Dynamics, Orangeburg, NY
  • Interlace Medical, Framingham, MA
  • Inovo, Naples, FL
  • iRobot, Burlington, MA
  • IQuum, Cambridge, MA
  • HistoRX, New Haven, CT
  • Kensey Nash, Exton, PA
  • Korea Test Laboratory
  • Lumicell, Wellsley, MA
  • M2 Medical, Sunnyvale, CA
  • MAKO/z-kat, Hollywood, FL
  • MC10, Cambridge, MA
  • MedRad, Pittsburgh, PA
  • MedRobotics, Raynham, MA
  • MedScanSonics, Hartford, CT
  • Medtronic Navigation, Louisville, CO
  • Medtronic Navigation, Littleton, MA
  • Mevion, Littleton, MA
  • Microline PENTAX, Beverly, MA
  • MicroMed Cardiovascular, Houston, TX
  • Mitralign, Tewksbury, MA
  • MitraSpan, Woburn, MA
  • Mobius Imaging, Ayer, MA
  • Myo Technologies, Willington, VA
  • Nathaniel Group, Vergennes, VT
  • Network Allies, Littleton, MA
  • Neuronetics, Malvern, PA
  • NinePoint Medical, Cambridge, MA
  • Norma Tech, Newton, MA
  • NxStage Medical, Lawrence, MA
  • Obtura Spartan, Fenton, MO
  • Philips Healthcare, Best, Netherlands
  • Philips Healthcare, Andover, MA
  • Philips Healthcare/Respironics, Pittsburgh, PA
  • Quadtech, Maynard, MA
  • Renishaw PLC, Wotton Under Edge, England
  • Rogers Sciences, Boston, MA
  • Securus, Cleveland, OH
  • Siemens Medical/Acuson, Mountain View, CA
  • Smith & Nephew, Andover, MA
  • SpaceLabs Medical/OSI, Issaquah, WA
  • St Jude, Neuromodulation, Plano, TX 
  • Still River Systems, Littleton, MA
  • Stonewedge Corp, Andover, MA
  • Stromatec, Burllington, VT
  • Terumo Medical, Elkton, MD
  • Thermedical, Waltham, MA
  • Thoratec, Burlington, MA
  • Toshiba, Japan
  • Vapotherm, Exeter, NH
  • Varian Medical/Z-Med, Holliston, MA
  • Varian Medical, Palo Alto, CA
  • Varian Medical, Crawley, UK
  • Varian Medical, Haan, DE
  • Varian Medical, Bergen, CH
  • Varian Medical, Bergisch Gladbach, DE
  • Vecna Technologies, Cambridge, MA
  • Ventracor, Chatswood, NSW, Australia
  • Volcano, Billerica, MA
  • Zoll Medical, Chelmsford, MA